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Hassle-free connectivity.

Our vertically integrated hardware and software model leverages a state of the art connectivity hub, management software and fibre optic infrastructure, to enable landlords to offer the best connectivity solution for their occupiers.

Compatible with international connectivity ratings guaranteeing buildings highest possible certification.

One of the top 3 factors for tenants when searching for office space.

Digital connectivity is considered the third most important factor when searching for office space, behind only cost and location. As technology increases in the workplace and the number of tech businesses grow, the importance of digital connectivity is going to increase further.

Your building's digital nervous system

Node is a combination of a state of the art connectivity hub, intelligent management software and fibre optic infrastructure all designed to give property managers the best connectivity solution for their tenants.

Reduced cost of ownership
Enduring, futureproof connectivity
Better tenant experience

How Node Connect works

The fourth utility: Making internet as simple as electricity

Connectivity is widely considered to be the ‘fourth utility’ alongside electricity, gas and water, however unlike any other utility, tenants have traditionally been expected to arrange and install their own connectivity piping within the building

Node turns connectivity into a true utility by pre plumbing the building with internet pipes that connect to all floors and suites.

Bringing the best connectivity infrastructure to your building

Multiple Comms Risers
Multiple Comms intakes
Dedicated Comms Room

Professionally monitored and maintained

When getting building connectivity rated, developers make significant investments to ensure their buildings have the right connectivity foundations. However without professional management of this investment the potential return on investment is squandered.

Hardware & management platform

Fibre optic infrastructure managed and monitored via a dedicated software portal for you building.

Professionally managed service

Leveraging Telcom’s engineering base for ongoing monitoring and support.

Tenant Benefits


Connectivity is the third most important factor when choosing a new office. Node provides transparency when it comes to the buildings connectivity status.


Node was designed to give tenants choice of service provider and create an open marketplace. Through the online menu you can see what options are available.


Most importantly Node expedites the provision of service to tenants. A service provider only need connect once in order to offer quick connections to tenants.

Compatible with, and open to all connectivity providers

Connectivity suppliers, from Virgin to BT, can plug into Node through our secure supplier intake, and have their connection instantly routed directly to the tenant unit through Node's existing fibre infrastructure. No need for additional building works or managing multiple provider cables in building risers. We can even work with wireless internet service providers if there is a requirement.


“They should have this solution in all buildings - When is it coming to london?”


“Of all our locations globally, this has been the best & easiest to deal with by far. Very happy with the service provided.”

Oliver James Associates

“Node has solved all of the usual connectivity issues when bringing a new building online.”

All Plus

Recent Case Study

First development in Manchester to achieve a Platinum Wired certification

Appointed by All+ to implement Manchester’s first Node Hub solution in the largest commercial building in the North of England, No1 Spinningfields.

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