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Create a digital twin of your building

Going beyond integration, the Node Developer portal enables the creation of a dynamic, digital replica of spaces, physical assets, systems and processes or a “Digital Twin” of the workplace/building.

Release phase: Early Access

A central hub for your building data

Designed for developers and M&E consultants the Node Developer portal takes the pain out of connectivity, security and general IT planning for a new development or complete refurbishment.

Mirror your building's spaces in an data structure

A Digital Twin is digital replica of a building’s assets/equipment, systems, spaces & “infrastructure processes”

Digital twins can be used to model and analyze the “physical” Smart Building so that you can predict, and optimize its performance.

Currently in Early Access

This product is now in the Early Access release phase which means that it is undergoing a staged release with a closed groups of users before its final public release. If you would like to be one of the first companies to experience this platfom as one of our Early Access users, or if you would like to be informed when the product is released publicly, follow the link below to request to join the waitlist.

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