Node Secure

A digital security upgrade for buildings & built infrastructure assets.

Smart security enhancements that equip buildings for the digital age whilst providing occupiers additional peace of mind. We work with you to upgrade your Smart Building to a Secure Smart Building.

Compatible with SABRE Certification ensuring buildings gain the additional points towards their security assessment and certification.

Proactive management along with regular security updates have the most impact in making tenants feel safe and secure at work.

These are key features of security risk management systems which employers and landlords are increasingly adopting to demonstrate their commitment to security. Security rated access (windows/doors) and CCTV installations are considered the 2nd and 3rd most important factors that have an impact upon how safe and secure tenants feel.

Digital Security Transformation

We are leading a transformation in the way the global construction and real estate industries view Secure Buildings, from merely using technology to coordinate management of day-to-day operations of existing premises to one that delivers a step-change in security, as well as operational efficiencies, over the entire building life-cycle.

Who tenants hold responsible for their security whilst at work

83% Employer
17% Building Manager / Landlord

Given employers' responsibility for security, buildings that offer security enhancements will stand out from the market when seeking space.

Secure your building

Externally, as a result of terrorist attacks, high profile database hacks and increasing levels of cyber crime, many tenants are becoming increasingly security conscious. Giving your building a security upgrade can act as a differentiator and hence lead to a competitive advantage over other buildings that are not able to communicate their security credentials.

Integrated approach

Node Secure unifies your physical and digital spaces to create connected environments where people feel safe and secure

Node is an application and integration platform for implementing secure smart building and digital workplace solutions that require the integration of diverse applications, systems and end-user devices that traditionally work in silos and thus result in security risks and vulnerabilities.

Node Secure is designed to help you integrate security silos to build connected solutions that continuously evolve with your needs.

Connect Physical and Digital Worlds

Connect physical elements such as spaces, assets, security systems and IoT devices.

User Journeys and Operations

Unchain metadata from silos to enable secure user journeys and smart operational processes.

Through Natural and Fluid Experiences

Enable the physical world to safely, securely and intelligently interact with people.

Combine your Node Secure with Node Connect

Node Connect already has a number of Node Secure features built into it’s design. So if you’re considering Node Secure for your building you can either have it as a stand alone product or as an upgrade to Node Connect.

Enhanced & professionally managed Security Certification
Connectivity Certification

Included in Node Secure:

Security Silo Integration
Property Firewall
Proptech Solution Integration
Digital Visitor Management
Digital Contractor Management
Checkpoint Patrol
Secure Riser Access
Motion Monitoring
Security Data Aggregation


Comms Security (Included with Node Connect)

Point of Entry Security
Comms Route Security
Comms Room Security

Your building’s data is valuable and we know that. We understand the sensitivity of your data, and we take all measures to ensure it remains secure and confidential. This includes user data, device and sensor data and all analytical and transactional data as well.


Node Secure optional add-ons

Penetration Testing
Asset Management

Node Secure Benefits

Keep your premise safe

Keep track of visitor check-ins and check-outs, get an instant snapshot of which contractors are expected, and who’s already come. Visitors and contractors can go through an optional induction program to educate them on safety and emergency procedures for your building.

Integrate with your environment

Track motion across common areas, access to restricted areas such as risers and record security patrols automatically. Set time of day rules and identify triggers based upon occupation/ access patterns that flag abnormal events needing investigation.

Tenant peace of mind

Node Secure gives your tenants added confidence in your security infrastructure, which in turn opens up the potential to offer added services from on site colocation and secure storage to cycle hubs and community engagement.

Improves security performance

A suite of solutions that helps you measure, understand and improve your facility security performance. Capture data on all your existing security operations that can be viewed in a central dashboard. Securely integrate with new proptech solutions.

Identify key improvement priorities

Assessment of existing building IT systems, their integration and subsequent system vulnerabilities. Helping you understand security needs and craft/implement security planning.

Increases confidence in security capabilities

Demonstrate your facilities security credentials internally and externally to clients, investors, insurers and regulators. Implementation of a building firewall to ensure your building and occupier data remains secure.

Building Benefits

Enhanced marketability of built assets

Attract security-minded tenants & clients

Increased operational effectiveness

Insurance incentives

Why upgrade to Node Secure

Landlords & Developers

When seeking tenants to occupy a new building, or at the expiry of an existing tenancy, it may be difficult to attract security conscious organisations to a building that is inherently insecure and that may require a prospective tenant to invest in additional security controls and costly operational solutions.

For owners of services facilities e.g. co-working space and retail malls; shared security is often a selling point and a reason for an organisation taking up a tenancy as opposed to becoming an owner occupier, where they may be solely responsible for the mitigation of security risks.

Regardless of the type of tenure, it is in the interest of landlords and developers to consider the security of their real estate assets and to be able to communicate the security credentials of their properties to the market in an increasingly security conscious world.

Facility Managers

Facilities managers are often tasked with managing the day-to-day security operations of a facility along with the procurement and maintenance of security controls such as CCTV, access control and physical security measures. However far too often, this activity is conducted in the absence of leadership for security and defined security objectives.

Node Secure helps facility managers ensure they have an in-depth understanding of facility security requirements, establish a holistic solution for security risk management and evidence successful implementation and management through data.

Enhance, not redesign

Node Secure works with the tools, applications and systems you already use, so you won’t have to overhaul your system. It’s also designed to grow as your needs grow, for your peace of mind.

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