NODE operates across two distinct service lines:


NODE consultancy serves to support and inform investors, property managers and project advisors in how to respond to the current business risk in connectivity resilience faced by their customers. Our in-depth reporting provides a map for a given asset's potential to adapt in this space.

We offer consultancy service as your retained independent fibre and connectivity experts. This includes extensive investigation and recommendations, from reviewing the WiredScore certifications and maximising that rating, to enhancing infrastructure by increasing the number of hard fibre providers coming into the asset and coordinating installations where required.


NODE Managed Solution

Design, delivery and management of a landlord-controlled, neutral fibre network as part of a best in class customer service proposition.

A standard NODE installation and contract specification includes:

  • Expert advice on securing fibre to site, ISP management and maximising WiredScore recommendations
  • Installation of a secure, supplier neutral fibre system, including landlord- controlled comms room, giving all occupiers a plug & play solution to the full ISP market
  • Removal of any standard wayleave costs or associated delays
  • Cyber secure, remotely monitored network
  • Inclusive, managed WiFi provision to reception, common areas, amenity space, lift lobbies and the external perimetre
  • 1 GB LAN connection
  • Management of all tenant connections and service for the term of the contract

Typical fees will equate to 2-3% of a total annual service charge budget, before deducting the cost savings from removing any stand-alone contracts to deliver the landlord LAN and its associated management.