NODE Value Proposition

Asset Management Rationale

Alongside WiredScore certification and smart building technology, we believe NODE has the potential to reduce void shortfalls and increase net operating income, translating directly through to higher investment values and overall IRRs.

WiredScore now recognises managed solutions as a central component in maximising building certification. NODE works with you to and WiredScore to maximise the attributable points to this category, as well increasing other associated components of the overall certification to support the highest achievable rating for your asset.

Removal of Wayleave Costs

The average tenant will take 1 or 2 ISP connections, some will request 3 or more for higher resilience. NODE removes the asset management capacity, connection delays and associated cost to documentation.

Capital Value Uplift

NODE connected assets improve the bottom-line NOI, derisking returns and translating through to enhanced capital values.

NODE is a Building Differentiator

A plug & play solution, providing the most secure, resilient, landlord-controlled fibre solution available in the market, alongside transparent cost savings to all stakeholders and delivering capital value upside to its investors.

Stakeholders Benefits

Landlord Benefits

  • Market-Leading Digital Infrastructure
  • Cyber Secure Riser Management
  • Inclusive Hyper Speed WiFi
  • Inclusive Landlord LAN Connections
  • Best in Class Support Services
  • Agency and Marketing Input
  • Reduced Voids, Increased NOI and Superior IRRs

Tenant Benefits

  • Plug & Play Connectivity On-Demand
  • Market-Wide ISP Access
  • Removal of Wayleave Costs
  • Unmatched Resilience
  • Digital Consultancy Support
  • Best in Class Customer Service