We deliver asset management-led, independent consultancy and an occupier-centric product offering.

NODE the world’s first base-build fibre specification, transforming supplier choice, resilience, physical security and sustainability.


NODE is the vehicle revolutionising how all forms of technology are hosted across the built environment.

Managed Solutions

A NODE-managed solution removes the requirement for all tenant-level wayleaves in to perpetuity, derisks operational strategy and improves sustainability by c85% as it relates to fibre.

We operate as a subsidiary of the property management team. NODE gives tenants unlimited access to their choice of fibre provider in 5-10 business days, while acting as the foundation enabling all forms of SMART technology.

NODE designs, delivers and manages the invisible platform that supports activation, lifestyle and occupier experience, as an integral part of a best-in-class customer service proposition.


NODE operates a complementary relationship with WiredScore, targeting Platinum as a base case position. We guarantee a minimum rating of Gold and provide all necessary advisory to achieve Platinum.

94% of NODE Enabled assets are / would be WiredScore certified Platinum. We have never delivered a scheme below a Gold rating.

We employ a team of WiredScore accredited professionals and manage a client’s WiredScore strategy as standard within the scope of our appointment.


NODE Consultancy services provide reporting on an asset’s capability as it relates to fibre. Our surveys document existing specification, offer recommendations for improvement in-line with business plan and quantify the required capital expenditure.

Instructions are receivable in feasibility studies, RIBA design stages 1-4, purchase & sale due diligence and all project management instructions. We support development managers, quantity surveyors, project managers, architects and property mangers in providing their clients with market-leading fibre consultancy.

NODE act on behalf of landlords and/ or WiredScore to undertake surveys, report findings and document certifications.

Investment Partners

An independent investor and operator of wireless connectivity solutions.

Shared Access are the market leader in designing in-building mobile boosting systems and WiFi networks.

WiredScore Relationship

Setting the global standard for technology in the built world.

WiredScore AP
SmartScore AP

WiredScore sets the global standard for technology in the built world through certification and education. 

A champion of cutting-edge technology in real estate, WiredScore defines and certifies digital connectivity and smart technology in homes and offices on a global scale, ensuring that buildings provide a best-in-class infrastructure that businesses and individuals require to thrive.

Node specialises in the office, industrial and residential sectors. Our solutions are adaptable to retail, leisure and alternative sectors.

The principles are implementable at a single asset, estate and neighbourhood regeneration level.


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